New Vernon principals and employees are substantial investors in the funds - ensuring that our interests are aligned with our partners

About Us

New Vernon Investment Management is a global asset management firm serving institutional and high net worth clients.

New Vernon Investment Management, New Vernon Advisers and New Vernon Wealth Management are affiliated through common ownership and manage a number of hedge funds and client portfolios using various investment strategies and/or targeting different markets, with a particular expertise in US, India and emerging markets - with combined assets under management of over $1.5 Billion. 


The NV Global Opportunity Fund (“NVGO” or the “Fund”) is a long/short hedge fund whose charter is to invest across markets and asset classes to produce superior risk-adjusted total returns.

NVGO has flexibility to find the best risk-adjusted investment returns in securities across asset classes, markets and sectors through a globally diversified portfolio of equity, fixed income and higher yielding securities— balancing risk, reward and volatility.

NVGO is actively managed to meet its positive total return goals, not just to beat benchmarks. When appropriate the fund hedges with currencies, interest rate futures and other instruments.

The Fund seeks to achieve high total return (capital appreciation and income) by investing across markets and asset classes. It seeks to moderate portfolio volatility by investing in high quality, yield-enhancing securities such as fixed income, MLPs and securities with higher relative dividend yields.

The diversified portfolio is typically structured with 40 to 50 securities, with direct investments in US and Global markets and is weighted based on conviction, perceived risk and strength of the investment catalyst.

NVGO’s investment philosophy is based on the belief that by combining global growth and income-yielding securities, the portfolio can (1) participate in stock market advances and (2) protect capital better than competing strategies during stock market declines.


The New Vernon Insurance Fund (“the Fund”) is a long/short hedge fund that seeks to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in insurance and insurance-related securities.

The portfolio management team has deep insurance industry experience and extensive contacts, which they leverage in selecting investments.  The team also benefits from over 70 years of combined capital markets experience.  The combination of extensive insurance industry and capital markets experience has enabled the team to construct a portfolio with an attractive risk-return profile.

A consolidated view of the insurance industry suggests a mature industry with modest returns but this masks a significant divergence between the high and low performers.  Further, there are a number of specialty insurance subsectors where one can employ operating knowledge and investment acumen.

The Fund’s investment strategy is to find and focus on insurance stocks with strong franchises at attractive valuations where our due diligence does not uncover operational issues.

For most insurance companies tangible book value provides a measure of downside protection because it represents the value of their cash and investments – thus reducing portfolio risk.

New Vernon Investment Management funds have a long track record of performance and are only available to qualified investors. Please register on the website to view performance and other investment related information about the funds.


This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of any offer to buy any securities in any fund.  Any offering is made only pursuant to the relevant confidential memorandum (which contains, among other things, important disclosures related to the risks of investing in the Fund as well as fees and expenses that reduce returns to investors), together with the current financial statements of the investment fund, if available, and the relevant subscription agreement, all of which must be read in their entirety.  No offer to purchase securities will be made or accepted prior to receipt by the offeree of these documents and the completion of appropriate documentation.