Value Appreciation Strategy

This managed equity strategy seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified selection of primarily US equities that are timely for longer term investment. Appreciation may be due to participation in global growth trends; new and emerging markets, or new products and technologies.

We generally prefer companies with favorable valuations and metrics in comparison to peers and/or historical averages, and look for unrecognized or under appreciated change in the industry.

The value-style portfolio considers both sectors and individual companies to identify investment opportunities that are based on fundamental analysis. Stocks are selected based on a top-down industry view as well as a bottom-up individual security research analysis.

Value Appreciation stocks generally meet the following characteristics:

·    Favor P/E lower than overall market – Traditionally seen as more cyclical but have not yet fully participated in the bull rally, and often trade below historical multiples

·    Strong Balance Sheets–We seek companies that are fundamentally strong and have manageable debt obligation.

·    Pay Dividends– We prefer companies that demonstrate a commitment to returning capital to shareholders.

·    Easy Liquidity– Stocks are highly liquid allowing easy entry and exit for client portfolios