Fixed Income Strategy


Our managed fixed income strategy seeks current income and preservation of principal by investing in a diversified basket of income securities across the fixed income asset class.

Personalized for each clients specific needs, this strategy invests in US denominated securities that include investment grade corporate bonds, municipal (muni) bonds, high yield, levered loans and floating rate securities. This combination helps navigate through different economic cycles and interest rate environments.

Securities in the Fixed Income Strategy generally meet the following characteristics:

Yield – A combination of floating and fixed rate debt allows for high income and a diversified strategy that benefit in both a rising and falling interest rate environment.

Interest Rate Risk – Short duration and floating rate nature of the strategy provides protection against a rising interest rate environment.

Credit Risk – A large part of the strategy includes investment grade municipals and corporate bonds with strong financials, the levered loans are at the top of the capital structure with priority of payments, high yield mostly comprises of BB-B rated bonds.

Funds – The use of specific bond funds allow easy access to asset classes while providing appropriate diversification and liquidity.